Kuala Lumpur Is Crazy

Kuala Lumpur! Who would have known that in the deepest depths of strictly muslim Malaysia is a party city, where the clubs only ever pretend to close!!? The nights here have been crazy! Looking forward to my onward trip where I can get my laptop repaired through my mate at IQPC.

Wish I had an au pair with me so I could get out a bit more.

Hopefully next time I write to you will be from Australia!

So Very, Very, Very Far Away

It’s your friend Grey here. If you don’t know me, or you only know me from online, I’m from Boston and I love to travel. As a matter of fact, I’m about to head off travelling around Australia, which is why I’ve started this blog. I’ve got huge plans that I have to tell you about.

I had my heart set on partying in the beautiful expanses of north Western Australia, which means that the start of my trip involves a lot of flying. I arrive into Perth after a night of partying in Kuala Lumpur, only to hop on a flight that takes me 3/4 of the way back where I came from to Perth’s northwest. I’ve booked at Seashells in Broome, accommodation there is looking fantastic.

I’m then going to enjoy the complete opposite extreme, with comfortable-looking accommodation in Eagle Bay through Private Properties. I’ve got wide-open plans after that, probably to take in a lot more of Australia, or in particular the unspoilt beauty of West Australia; everyone heads to Sydney but it seems like the kind of natural beauty I’m looking for is basically on tap in Western Australia. Even the Perth Airports looks like it’s surrounded with bush.

I leave tomorrow! Wish me luck!